Biological plant protection

  • Low residues Our protection technology helps you grow fruits and vegetables without pesticide residues.
  • Reliable protection Preparations with completely different mechanism of action solves problems with resistant pests and diseases, and increase the effectiveness of plant protection.
  • Production of organic quality Reliable protection system that shifts the quality of your production to the next level.
  • Healthy soils Pay attention to the fertility of their soils.
  • TrichoLet® A new method of air protection against the European corn borer.

Biological control is a system that uses the natural antagonists of harmful organisms or products prepared with the use of living organisms. Modern biological control agents are highly effective and long term, while being friendly to human health and the environment and have low or no toxicity to non-target species. Thereby increasing the richness, diversification and stability of natural systems in the agricultural landscape and enable quality production.

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